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LiveTheGoals Podcast is dedicated to helping you set and reach goals that matter.  We'll use laughter, lessons and interviews to help you stay motivated while you improve the skills that will allow you to live a life full of purpose and passion.


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Apr 20, 2017

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Interview Guest:

Leigh Martinutzzi is The Hidden Why Guy. He’s an expert in lifestyle design and helps people go from living a life they hate to living a life they love. He’s a speaker, coach, writer and podcaster. As a corporate senior executive, Leigh realized that it wasn’t the life he wanted and decided to design his life to give him more freedom, fulfilment and happiness. He has successfully transitioned from a dissatisfying existence to a life with greater purpose. And now he pays it forward by using what he has learned to help other people do the same.

In this Episode You’ll Learn:

  • Leigh’s journey to freedom, fulfillment and happiness;
  • Why it’s important to continue learning and developing;
  • What helps you stay motivated when pursuing your goals;
  • The steps to Leigh’s Fast Track to Effectiveness;
  • Leigh’s Ultimate Life Map to freedom, fulfillment and happiness;
  • The four points on Leigh’s Life Compass to help you find your Why;
  • The ways in which we often become our own biggest obstacle;
  • And so much more!!!

Hot Seat Scenario:

Leigh chose Person A who is living check to check, works about 40 hours a week and spends 2-3 hours each day winding down. Leigh said he relates to him because he was working the 50 hour week and coming home unhappy. His first step would be to figure out his why understanding that it may take some time to figure that out. He’d find a way to put more passion into his life to make sure that he has motivation to make it through the obstacles in life. He’d do that by looking at what he loves that is more conducive to his happiness and then make small changes to start including those activities into his life. Things like waking up earlier, turning off his tv and spending time reflecting and writing.

Motivational Quote or Mantra:

“Perspective is the only thing that can dramatically change the results without changing any of the facts.” Andy Andrews


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