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LiveTheGoals Podcast is dedicated to helping you set and reach goals that matter.  We'll use laughter, lessons and interviews to help you stay motivated while you improve the skills that will allow you to live a life full of purpose and passion.


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Oct 12, 2017

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Interview Guest:

Nitin Chhoda began his entrepreneurial journey at the age of 14, when he sold bottled coca cola (before they had them in cans), and returned the bottles back to the store to earn back the deposit. Nitin is the 'American Dream', having arrived in the US with no money in a post 9-11 world. In the past, Nitin has worked as a waiter in restaurants and waited to eat after guests left, since he couldn't afford his own meal. He’s slept in his car since he couldn’t afford to pay the rent. So he understands what it means to struggle. Today he owns several businesses that collectively gross in the high seven figures, flies business class around the world, and runs a team of remote employees around the world, all of whom live life on their own terms.

In this Episode You’ll Learn:

  • How he went from living in his car to running several 7 figure businesses;
  • What looking at life through the eyes of a two-year old child can teach you;
  • The relationship between struggle and success;
  • The difference between the right and wrong amount of stress;
  • The question you need to ask yourself when you are at your breaking point;
  • The difference between a poverty consciousness and a wealth consciousness;
  • The five aspect of the human condition you can focus on;
  • And so much more!!!

Hot Seat Scenario:

Nitin chose Person A who works 40-50 hours a week, is living check to check and spends 2-3 hours a day watching tv or surfing the internet. The first thing Nitin would do is ask, “do you want it bad enough?” He would ask, “how hard are you willing to push yourself?” He believes that the people who are willing to push themselves outside of their comfort zone are the ones who change the world.

*Listen to the Episode to hear the rest of Stephen’s thoughts on the Hot Seat Scenario.

Nitin’s Book:

Total Activation: The New 5 Step Fitness Mantra

How to Contact Nitin:


How to Get a Discount:

Customers - Send a message using the Contact Us form on Nitin’s website and mention “Dale Richardson” and he’ll reply with a discount coupon!

Entrepreneurs – Ask any question about entrepreneurship using the Contact Us form on Nitin’s website and mention “Dale Richardson” and he’ll personally answer your questions!


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