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LiveTheGoals Podcast is dedicated to helping you set and reach goals that matter.  We'll use laughter, lessons and interviews to help you stay motivated while you improve the skills that will allow you to live a life full of purpose and passion.


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Aug 31, 2017

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Interview Guest:

Lloyd George, Jr. is the owner of Big Loop which is an Atlanta-based web design agency focused on helping small business owners grow closer to their communities. He’s passionate about helping small business owners grow their online presence and he enjoys doing just that with his company, Big Loop. Lloyd transitioned his experience in commercial finance and working with the largest photography association in the world to pursuing his passion for helping business owners succeed.

In this Episode You’ll Learn:

  • The way a small fear can grow into something much bigger than it is in reality;
  • What entrepreneurs and businesses should think about when developing their internet presence;
  • The importance of having goals for your online presence;
  • The one BIG mistake too many businesses are making online;
  • How being good at everything might be stopping you from being great at something;
  • The power of businesses focusing on connectivity and growing a community;
  • And so much more!!!

Hot Seat Scenario:

Lloyd chose Person A who is living check to check but spends 2-3 hours a day surfing the internet to wind down.  Lloyd says that Person A is barely making it but has time. After the 9 to 5, Person A has 5 to bedtime to invest in finding something new. Lloyd also suggests that Person A spend time networking to find a new job or to help figure out what he or she is passionate about. He would focus on connecting with the right people that can help him find his passion.

Motivational Quote, Mantra or Thought:

“Winners win and losers lose.” ~Eric Thomas

*Listen to the Episode to hear the rest of Lloyd’s thoughts about this quote!

How to Contact:


IG: LloydGeorgeJr

Facebook: BigLoopCommunity

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